Participants in the 'Rally for the Y 2020' Expresso stationary bike challenge at the Shawnessy YMCA

The Shawnessy YMCA got a lot of mileage out of its members in the month of February as the organization excelled while competing against 384 other YMCAs in the Rally for the Y stationary bike challenge.

Sandra Martins, the health and fitness coordinator at the club, says the members did an amazing job.

"For every mile that we ride they donate 10 cents back to our charity which is 'Let’s Race' that helps other members have the same experience we are able to enjoy every day.”

All funds raised will go to internal programs for kids and general support of activities.

The Shawnessy YMCA finished in third place in mileage. The 218 riders combined for 13,514 miles. They were ranked 11th in total money raised with $5,535.

Barbara Rankin is a member and she says it got pretty competitive. "There’s only five Expresso bikes so you’ve got to get in there and get on your bike."

Derek Russell didn’t have any trouble with that. He was the top rider at the Shawnessy YMCA pedalling about 1,000 miles in the month of February. Russell says he doesn’t care about that statistic.

"That’s not the reason we do it. Hey, a thousand miles is a hundred dollars for the YMCA.

The Shawnessy YMCA beat their target goals in both mileage and money raised. That means they’ll reach for even higher goals next year.