Sheree Fertuck landed $200K gravel hauling contract before she went missing, court hears

Family members of Sheree Fertuck who have taken the stand so far in a Saskatoon murder trial describe her as responsible, dependable and hard working.

Sheree worked hauling gravel. Before she went missing, she landed a contract near Kenaston, Sask.

Details of Sheree’s work came to light on the third day of her estranged husband’s trial.

Greg Fertuck has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and causing indignity to human remains.

Sheree was last seen leaving her family’s farm from a lunch break to go haul gravel near Kenaston.

The hauling job was originally awarded to a competing business, but was handed to Sheree after the business under-supplied a load.

Martin Koyle, the general manager of Texcana Logistics, was responsible for Sheree’s contract.

On stand, Koyle said Sheree was eager to work and “heard rumours” that she and the competing hauler didn’t get along.

Koyle confirmed Sheree received $200,000 for the contract. Earlier in the trial, the defence said it was worth $2 million.

As a result of the competitor’s shortcoming, Koyle required Sheree to get a scale on the loader — to ensure the gravel amount was correct.

Court heard Sheree’s loader scale was vandalized, but she never found out who did the damage.

Her brother, Darren Sorotski, also testified on Thursday.

After learning Sheree was missing, Sorotski said he went to the pit and found her semi-truck with the parking lights left on.

Sheree’s keys, phone and jacket were left inside.

Court heard Greg was employed by Sheree to help with the hauling contract.

The defence suggested Sheree’s disappearance would be detrimental for Greg because he’d lose out on work.

Despite having a hauling competitor, court heard he helped with the search for Sheree when she went missing and Greg was never involved. 

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