A new movement in Waterloo Region is helping spread hope throughout the community.

The idea of the Finding Hope movement is to have people focus on the good and positive throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Siblings Julian and Vanessa Bal said that when the pandemic hit, they started feeling lonely.

"We started thinking about how seniors who can't have their family and friends visit them must be feeling really sad in long-term care homes," Julian said.

The duo decided to write 100 letters to residents of care homes.

"The main things that we said in the letters is, you know, 'we're thinking about you.' We just wanted them to know that there's people that care," Vanessa said.

The duo posted what they did on social media as part of the Finding Hope initiative.

"We just thought that, if we shared our story that it might inspire other kids like us to do the same thing," they said.

Wellbeing Waterloo Region started the movement as a way to spread hope to the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The movement is about, how do we amplify what we've done right in this region, what is going well, the successes, the ways that people have stepped up," explained Kathilee Porter with Wellbeing Waterloo Region.

People are encouraged to share photos, videos and stories to social media that would make others feel hopeful and positive.

"With the #FindingHope movement, you'll start seeing our stuff coming up in your feed, especially if you engage with it," Porter said.

"So if you like it or add to it or share it, then the algorithm with your social media goes, 'oh, they like positive stuff, I'm going to fill their feed with positive.'"

The Bal siblings said that the movement has helped lift their spirits and has made getting through these uncertain times a little bit easier.