A Kitchener spin studio received a life-changing gift from an anonymous donor to help them get through the latest lockdown.

A member of Cyclone Spin Studio dropped off a $10,000 cheque to help the business stay afloat.

The studio received the cheque days before the four-week lockdown started on Dec. 26.

"You kind of don't really expect things like that to happen," said co-founder Erika Siegner.

The founders said the donation was unexpected and life-changing.

"We read the note and it said there was a donation and that was great," co-founder Bill MacTavish said. "We didn't expect too much, and then we opened it and it was two cheques for $5,000."

"Just a sigh of relief for us," Siegner said. "That amount of money is the difference of surviving this and not."

Amanda Lutz was working at the front desk when the member dropped off the gift. The donor asked to remain anonymous.

"They just wanted to give a little bit back, or a lot back," she said.

The studio has worked to find creative ways to keep cash flowing during the pandemic, including using a parkade for classes and renting out spin bikes.

The owners said they'll use the donation for rent and bills.

"By no means does this make me feel like I can sit back for 28 days and coast," Siegner said. "It's how do we continue to keep pushing forward to survive this, to come back stronger."

The lockdown is expected to last until at least Jan. 23.