Signature Developments partner Rusty Clunie. (Jayda Taylor/CTV Prince Albert)

Signature Developments Corporation has released a video outlining its vision for an entertainment district at the southeast corner of Prince Albert.

The company wants the 80 acres of land to house a shopping district, restaurants and an urban campground, to name a few amenities.

Signature Developments partner Rusty Clunie said the vision goes hand-in-hand with an expanded hospital in the city.

“With the hospital coming, I think it’s very timely to have something like this going on to change the face of P.A., be able to track more people to this city,” said Clunie.

In a news release, the development company said benefits would include attracting new working professionals, more tourist attractions and less travel for Prince Albert families to drive to other centres for sports and other entertainment.

In June, City Council approved the purchase of 18 of the 80 acres for an arena and aquatics recreation centre.

Mayoral candidate Darryl Hickie wants to move the location of the recreation to land that is already owned by the city.

Clunie said the release of the video is not politically motivated.