Simcoe, Ont. Toyota parts plant stops production due to COVID-19, Canadian manufacturing also put on pause


As a plant in Simcoe, Ont. that makes Toyota parts has stopped production due to COVID-19 cases, manufacturing at facilities in Cambridge, Woodstock, and all across Canada have also been put on pause.

In a statement sent to CTV News on Friday, a Toyota Canada representative confirmed that manufacturing across the country has been put on pause due to an issue with a parts supplier.

The representative adds that they’re not allowed to comment on the work conditions of their parts supplier.

On Thursday, a statement was issued by Toyotetscu Canada Inc. (TTCA), a producer of parts for Toyota manufacturers, that they were temporarily pausing their operations due to eight COVID-19 cases at their Simcoe facility.

“Though the vast majority of these cases have not been linked to on-site transmission at TTCA, we’re continuing to follow the guidance of public health officials,” the statement reads in part. “For this reason, and out of an abundance of caution, we’ve decided to temporarily pause our operations.”

TTCA adds that all team members will be paid for the week, will receive pay next Friday, will be able to apply unused vacation time starting on Monday, and that records of employment will be issued automatically to those looking to apply for employment insurance.

A Toyota manufacturing worker tells CTV News that workers are still allowed to go to in to facilities, but are only allowed to do work not related to production.