The Lockerby Mine in Sudbury, Ont., is seen in this undated photo. (FNIMining.com)


During day three of the inquest into the workplace deaths of two Sudbury miners, the jury heard that the area where the incident happened was inspected nine days prior to the fatalities.

A general foreman with First Nickel and the Ministry of Labour did not find any immediate hazards or dangers, even though there had been a fall of ground.

Having difficulty remembering some details, the First Nickel foreman said, "Five years is far too long, when you are trying to forget the worst day of your life."

A strong focus of the questioning was related to the design and development of the mining area, where fatalities happened.

The jury also heard the area was seismically active and that it was a concern to everyone.


SUDBURY -- An inquest continues in Sudbury this week into the deaths of two men who were killed on the job at Lockerby Mine five years ago.

In May of 2014, Marc Methe and Norm Bisaillon, both contractors for Taurus Drilling, died after being crushed by 12 tons of rock following a seismic event at the Sudbury area mine.

During a previous trial involving charges under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Taurus Drilling was found not guilty on the four charges it faced, and the judge found the owner of the mine, First Nickel, guilty on six of the eight charges it faced in connection to the tragedy. Most of those charges stemmed from the company's failure to report unsafe structural conditions to authorities and to workers. First Nickel, was not represented at the trial and was found guilty in absentia. It was fined $1.3 million for its part in the deaths.

This week's inquest is a separate proceeding. It’s a public hearing conducted by a coroner before a jury of five community members. Inquests are held for the purpose of informing the public about the circumstances of a death and for a jury to make recommendations to prevent similar deaths in the future,

CTV News is following the developments and will be updating the story with the latest from the Northbury Hotel and Conference Centre, where the inquest is taking place.