After warning drivers to be wary of skimming divices at gas stations in Kitchener, regional police have determined that they weren't skimming devices, after all.

Police had received five reports of the devices, saying they were noticed at pumps as customers tried to pay.

Further investigation revealed that the gas stations had made reader upgrades recently, and that no skimming devices were found.

Still, the advice from police stands: they're asking drivers to look to see if the card reader is loose or has been tampered with.

If it looks different, police say you should go inside the store and notify an employee.

The investigation has revealed that the gas company completed upgrades to their units, making them appear different. It has been confirmed that no skimming devices were being used. https://t.co/GiRif4sGI0

— Waterloo Regional Police (@WRPSToday) January 31, 2020