Skydive Wasaga Beach plans historic jump to support ALS awareness

David Cubitt, his wife Jane and Leslie Farkas of Skydive Wasaga Beach prepare for Fly Fearlessly on Tues., Sept. 14, 2021, to raise money and awareness for ALS. (KC Colby/CTV News)

The sky's the limit as Skydive Wasaga Beach prepares to make history this week.

"We are going to be landing the first parachutes in a provincial park ever in Canadian history," said the club's owner Leslie Farkas.

The historic jump is seven years in the making and happens on Wednesday and Thursday, weather permitting.

"This project has been a labour of love for sure," said Farkas. "It's been seven years of constant effort and back and forth with multiple levels of government."

Farkas said the event also benefits some important local causes. "One of the things that makes it extra special for me is we are supporting Fly Fearlessly."

Fly Fearlessly is a local charity raising money and awareness for ALS Canada.

Jane Cubitt was diagnosed with ALS in November 2020 and will be the first to jump.

"I am excited to jump and humbled to be the first private citizen to land on a public beach," she said.

Cubitt's husband, David, called ALS an "underground and horrible disease."

"Only three to 4,000 people are living with ALS at any one given time," he added.

Jumpers will land at Beach Area Two in Wasaga Beach for anyone who wants to check out the event.

Complete information on Skydive Wasaga Beach is available here.

A previous version of this story that was broadcast stated the operators of SkyDive Wasaga Beach were waiting on approval from the Town of Wasaga Beach, but it was the Government of Ontario that was responsible for the delay in approval.