It's back!

Winter has arrived again in Southwestern Ontario, and we have mixed feelings.

For instance, snow plow operator Dan Wilks who counts on Mother Nature.

“I've been off for two weeks, so it's nice to get a paycheck," he tells CTV News.

Wilks was clearing snow in south London early this morning, all the while noting drivers not ready for the return of winter.

"I don't know if they leave late for work or something, but they don't seem to know how to slow down."

London Police Const. Brad Yeo says there were several minor crashes during the spike of heavy snow that coincided with the morning commute. 

“Any collision is not good, especially the spike this morning, when we had white out conditions. We need to slow our speeds and adjust to those whiteout conditions."

Among those slowed by the snow was recycling truck operator Caleb Seabrook.

He’d been enjoying the mild spell which made curbside collection less of a challenge. 

Now, he says, the snow makes his day longer.

“It's difficult and we're sliding around a bit, but you take it slow and take it safe."

After all, as Seabrook states, winter is going to happen.

“It’s part of the job, part of being in Canada."