Snow crews to tackle residential streets; citywide parking ban starts at midnight

The City of Edmonton will begin Phase 2 of a citywide parking ban on Tuesday starting at 12:01 a.m.

During this secondary phase, crews will begin clearing snow and ice on residential and industrial roads.

“We are improving service," Andrew Grant, general operator of infrastructure field operations, said. "Residents can help by moving vehicles from residential roads when clearing happens in your area."

According to the city, the decision to initiate a Phase 2 ban is dependent on a number of factors, such as the amount of snowfall and build up in these quieter neighbourhoods.

Grant said crews will work on removing windrows from driveways and pedestrian crossings as well as distribute a sand and chip mix on intersections to mitigate slippery conditions. 

Residents cannot park on residential roads, alleyways or industrial roads until they’ve been sufficiently cleared.

People can, however, park on roads that are clear, signed snow and ice, alternative parking stalls and lots are also an option. The city also recommends asking a neighbour if they have extra space. It is encouraged to watch for signage when a ban is called to find designated areas for parking.

According to Grant, crews will be out 24 hours a day until the work is complete in seven to nine days.

The city’s website notes that drivers don’t have to wait for the city to end the ban to park on a cleared road. For more information, click here

There is also an interactive map Edmontonians can access to see where crews will be operating.