Emily Kempe's son and five cousins dressed as the Moose Jaw-based, Canadian Snowbirds. (Courtesy: Emily Kempe)

SASKATOON — A family in Moose Jaw is combining the Halloween spirit with the Saskatchewan spirit.

Emily Kempe’s son and his five cousins dressed up as the Canadian Snowbirds. The kids range in age from 10 months to nine years old.

The Snowbirds train in Moose Jaw, where the family lives.

Some costumes take months to plan – including Jennifer Lucyk’s son’s costume.

Ten-year-old Dillon has two different costumes, depending on how he’s positioned. Dillon’s transforming costume is being credited to his grandfather, who is being credited for making the costume using styrofoam and cardboard.

Halloween isn’t just for humans, proven by Jennifer Gibson’s dog, Ellie.

CTV Saskatoon Morning Live’s weather specialist Mike Ciona included his whole family for his daddy shark, momma shark and baby shark costume.