Soaring gas prices create crimes of opportunity

Gas theft is happening, according to local mechanic Ali Bazzi.

“Recently it hasn't been much, two-three cars,” he said.

It could get worse if the prices at the pump continue to soar.

Gas is hovering in the high 1.80’s and some South Windsor residents have been vocal about gas theft on social media. A member recently sent a warning to the group after noticing a difference on her gas gauge.

Bazzi has gotten calls from clients suspecting fuel theft.

“Customers are asking, ‘I woke up, I'm noticing my fuel gage is not the same as it was yesterday.’ That's when they bring it in and check to see if there's any damage being done around the gas filler tube,” he said.

Damage was found on the vehicle involved in the South Windsor incident. Syphoning is the obvious way but Bazzi says technique depends on the tools being used.

“I've seen it where people broke the tank underneath and all the gas leaks out. They take it,” he explained.

Nobody likes the price of gas right now, but stealing it is illegal. Acting Sgt. Ed Sanchuk tells us how one thief is putting personal safety at risk and how YOU can help police crack down on criminals. ^dr

— OPP West Region (@OPP_WR) May 5, 2022

A South Windsor man said he feels safe and had a message to anyone thinking of hitting his vehicle. “Good luck to you.”

Another resident said he has an interior gas lock system. If he forgets to lock his vehicle and someone tries to steal gas, his tank has a spring loaded opening that'll pinch and cut off any hose.

“Also have a ring doorbell. I can see everybody walking up my driveway 24 hours a day. It's got a microphone. I can yell at them,” said Mike Arbour.

Bazzi encourages residents to park their vehicles out front instead of a dark ally, “I always tell my customers either buy the after-market gas lock or park close to your house.

Although the current number of recent gas thefts is not available, Windsor police constable Darius Goze encourages residents to report any incidents.

“So that we can keep track of these incidents and certainly do not approach and engage these individuals,” he said.