A number of Sobeys stores across the country are now going B.Y.O.R.B. : bring your own reusable bag.

"Today is the first day that Sobeys National has eliminated single-use plastic bags,” Sobeys assistant manager, Brian Milne said.

It's a move more than 250 stores across the country have undergone, and it's expected to remove almost a quarter of a billion bags out of circulation.

"You would at times find them scattered in the store. Bags would be blowing around in the wind. With the elimination of that, we're also hoping less waste in our own parking lot,’’ Milne added.

The move to ditch the traditional plastic was announced last July.

To assist customers with the change, they're now being offered other alternatives such as thermal or bio-degradable bags.

Sobeys adds it will be making other eco-beneficial changes to its stores in the near future.