A group of Guelph residents gather in opposition of a Metrolinx power station project (Matthew Ethier / CTV News Kitchener)

Dozens of Guelph residents gathered in Margaret Greene Park on Thursday night in opposition of a Metrolinx power station proposed in the area.

The power station is part of Metrolinx's plan to electrify the GO train. Part of the park would be rezoned for the project.

The power station is part of a larger plan to bring all-day, two-way GO train service to the Kitchener GO corridor.

Some people said they don't want the power station coming at the cost of green space, adding it will cut off an important foot traffic connection for a densely populated neighbourhood.

"We will continue to fight this and to mobilize the neighbourhood to express our concerns at city council and also through Metrolinx and the province," said Linda Busuttil with the West Willow Village Neighbourhood Group.

Guelph MPP Mike Schrenier said he's heard from the community that they want the structure to go somewhere else.

"I support all-day, two-way electrified GO, but the infrastructure has to be in an appropriate location and a park is not an appropriate location," he said.

The city said it will work with Metrolinx to try to have them review other sites.

"We certainly don't want to see infrastructure for these types of things in a city park," said Terry Gayman, a City of Guelph official. "City park land for us is something we want more of, not less of."

A Metrolinx representative says what's suggested would only impact a small portion of the park.

The organization adds that citizens have until next Wednesday to submit feedback online. More consultation is planned early next year.