Spring is less than a month away, and many people have already started their spring cleaning and donating their gently used items.

This has caused some local thrift stores to see a surge in drop-offs and donations.

“It’s good stuff. We’ve used it, it can keep being used and we may as well give it to someone who needs it,” said one man who donated a trunk full of items to Thrift on Kent.

“Yesterday a lady pulled up in a train of three mini vans, and they did a collection from their neigbourhood,” said John Knight, production manager for Thrift on Kent.

Jodie Vannord, the store manager for The Perfect Find Thrift Store, said they have also noticed a big boost in donations, “a lot of people have the time to go through their closets and we're so thankful for that. “

According to Knight, with the recent return to the red zone, their location has seen a steady line-up daily. They have been receiving everything from clothing to houseware items being donated, even a trombone recently. 

At Thrift on Kent, to make the process as safe as possible, they have contactless drop-off.

People are able drive up and put their item on shelf that gets wheeled inside and then sorted.

From there, the items are cleaned and prepared to be resold.

Knight said they are grateful for the ongoing support.

“Some people would like it like oh my gosh it's so much, but look at it like oh much gosh it's so much, thank you so much.”

Both The Perfect Find Thrift Store and Thrift on Kent will continue accepting donations, helping to give gently used items a new place to call home.