Southern Ontario marks 15th anniversary since massive mid-October blizzard

It was 15 years ago that a huge blizzard swept across most of Southern Ontario and parts of Northeastern United States.

On Oct. 13 of 2021, the temperatures sitting in the low 20s were a far cry from the winter blast that happened a decade and a half prior.

On Oct. 13, 2006, weather experts say they’ve never before, and never again, have seen so much snow that early in Southern Ontario.

While Waterloo Region and the surrounding area got some snow that day, it was nothing compared to Fort Erie and the Niagara Region.

Heavy wet snow blocked roads and downed power lines, leaving thousands in the communities in the dark for days.

“I could hear this crash and ran into the living room because I was afraid the roof was going to cave in,” one resident said.

Across the border in Buffalo, they say more than 50 cm of snow, smashing the October record and closing the airport.

“I was in a wedding last week in a strapless dress and now we are in this mess,” another resident said.

According to the National Weather Service, almost a million people along the Niagara Frontier lost power, some for as long as week.

“Trick -or-treaters haven’t even come by and here we are shoveling out already,” a resident said.