A special Halloween parade was held in Morinville on Saturday for a 9-year-old with cancer.

Arizona Burns was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer earlier this month and given about six months to live.

Because of her health, she can’t go trick-or-treating this year, so her mom put out a call to the community to put on a Halloween parade.

Dozens of people came by in costume to see Arizona and drop off gifts.

Her mother said the family was honoured by the turnout.

“Everybody showing all their love and support has helped the journey,” said Sharice Cardinal, Arizona’s mother. “They turned it into something beautiful for our girl and helped her create beautiful memories and happy memories with our family. It’s just beautiful how much everyone loves my daughter.”

Parade participants also brought donations for the Morinville Food Bank, a request Arizona made to help others.

“I think it’s fantastic. I think everyone was trying to find a way to celebrate and make Halloween meaningful, and this is the absolute best way to do it,” said Morinville resident Stacey Buga.

Arizona’s story even caught the eye of Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds, who sent her a special video on Friday.