Speed bump installation policy approved for Windsor

File photo.

Windsor council has approved a speed bump request system.

The policy aims to streamline the process for installing speed bumps and dividing it from the traffic-calming policy.

A survey will be launched for residents and businesses when a speed bump is requested on an eligible road. The speed bump will get the green light if 60 per cent agree.

Ward 1 Councillor Fred Francis tells AM800 surveys will launch very soon.

“They’ll start pretty quick,” says Francis. “This is something a lot of us have been hearing for a while. Traffic calming is very important, it certainly is in Ward 1.”

Francis says it should help slow down traffic in necessary areas.

Residents can call in to 311 and initiate the speed bump survey process.

Funding comes from about $420,000 of unallocated traffic-calming funding. Each speed bump costs about $7,000 for installation.