Sport Manitoba launches new framework to improve safety for athletes


Sport Manitoba is working to create a safer environment for all who participate in amateur sport in the province.

The organization announced a new strategy on Wednesday called The Pathway to Safe Sport which brings forward tools and resources to create a safer sport system.

“The framework includes enforcing policies and process for preventing, addressing and acting on all forms of misconduct or maltreatment in sport,” said Janet McMahon, the president and CEO of Sport Manitoba.

As part of the announcement, Sport Manitoba reintroduced its Safe Sport Line, and also introduced its new partnership with Sport Law, which is an organization that helps sporting groups grow their game.

McMahon said the Safe Sport Line was already a tool in place for the organization and is meant for anyone to report any form of abuse that is occurring in sport.

“Our hope that the Safe Sport Line will become familiar with everyone who is involved in sport no matter what role they play.”

The Safe Sport Line number is 1-833-656-SAFE (7233).

McMahon also announced the creation of an online platform called The Learning Centre which includes policy templates for good governance that were created by Sport Law.

“(Sport Law) are a trusted and respected partner that have been providing services to sport for decades,” McMahon said.

“Sport Law’s vision is to elevate sport and we are delighted to be collaborating with Sport Manitoba to offer sport leaders with the legal and leadership support they need to navigate a complex safe sport environment,” said Dina Bell-Laroche, a partner and integral coach with Sport Law.

Bell-Laroche said this is the kind of innovation the sporting world needs and she is excited to support the sport organizations in Manitoba.

McMahon said steps like these will help create a better sporting environment for all in the province and Sport Manitoba will continue to work to improve sports for everyone involved.

“It is our goal that more athletes, officials, coaches, volunteers, parents and the public know what safe sport looks like and are empowered and equipped to act when things don’t seem right,” said McMahon.