99-year-old war veteran still driving his Model T

Alfred Grubb may be turning 100 on Monday, but he still gets around.

"I keep busy. I don’t know if I live another 100 years, if I’d ever get done working. I got all kinds of things on the go,” said Grubb.

The soon to be centenarian still lives independently on his farm near Teeswater, Ont. It’s where he is still working to improve the ponds he built and the trees he planted. He still moves dirt with his skid steer and even goes for the occasional drive in a Model T car that’s as old as he is.

“I can do pretty much anything that I’d done before, just not as fast or as good,” he explained.

His memory is as quick as ever, as the Bruce County veteran shared stories with his grandchildren during a recent family get together, of his three years on the front lines of World War II.

“It was quite something. Especially to be alive with everyone else and get back here to be an age like this. It’s really something,” he said.

His enthusiasm for life at the ripe old age of nearly 100 has inspired the Canadian Remembrance Torch, a registered charity promoting veteran’s remembrance all year round, to make Grubb one of the centrepieces of a new video the group is creating.

“He is such a role model for youth and really such an inspiration. I mean, here he is, 100 years old, living on the farm, independently, in great health and just in wonderful spirits. Gosh, he’s an inspiration to everyone,” said Karen Hunter, Founder of Canadian Remembrance Torch.

While Grubb makes his music video debut, he plans to continue his active lifestyle and making the most out of every single day.

“I thank the lord a million times for keeping me this long,” he proudly exclaimed.

Alfred Grubb turns 100 on Monday, Oct. 25. His family is planning a birthday party on Sunday Oct. 24.