Little Angels Daycare is complying with the COVID-19 health protocols ever since a case of COVID-19 was discovered in a child who went there on Oct. 24.

More than a dozen cases of COVID-19 are connected to a daycare in Airdrie, Alta. but officials at the business say they are taking precautions, including shutting it down for the time being.

Little Angels Daycare, on Main Street North, closed its doors to clients on Oct. 24 after a positive case of the illness was discovered in a child that attended the facility.

Alberta Health says there are now 14 active cases of COVID-19 connected to the outbreak. Two people have recovered so far.

Shelly Goyan, the director of Little Angels Daycare, is one of the active cases in the outbreak. She tells CTV News she's been in self-isolation ever since she tested positive.

She says while she has had no symptoms of coronavirus since being diagnosed, staff at the business were quick to take steps to prevent infection.

"As soon as we got the information (on Oct. 24), we sent out details to all the parents and staff," she says. "We were just scared because the child who tested positive did not have any symptoms."

The facility has been sanitized, but staff members are being told by health officials not to return until the outbreak is resolved.

"We're waiting for the all-clear from Alberta Health to reopen," Goyan said.

At least six staff members of the daycare, including Goyan, are sick None of them are exhibiting any serious symptoms at this time.

According to the latest data from Alberta Health, there are 120 active cases of COVID-19 in the city of Airdrie.