Hergy Mayala is nicknamed A$AP Herg after the rapper A$AP Ferg because he loves to dance.

CALGARY — Hergy Mayala was drafted by the Calgary Stampeders in the first round of this year's CFL draft.

The product of the University of Connecticut got off to a slow start to the season, but Mayala has really picked up his game.

He has 33 receptions for 459 yards and four touchdowns. Mayala chalks it up to feeling more comfortable.

“As each week went by I got trusted more and more and that came with a lot of weight,” he said. “I feel like I’ve been carrying it well and look forward to the future.”

The weight Mayala is talking about is that of being a number one draft pick..

Stampeders receivers coach Pete Costanza said no one gets a number placed on them in Calgary.

“Who cares where you’re picked?” Costanza said. “You know first round or eighth round, as long as you play well when your number is called.

Mayala was born in the Congo but the family moved to Montreal when he was seven.

Mayala said his mother is his number one hero. He said she’s made sacrifices for him throughout his life and that continues.

When Mayala came to Calgary, he asked her if she’d move here as well and she did. He said he wouldn’t be where he is today without her.

“Yeah, it’s incredible,the type of person she is,” he said. “She gives her all to the people she loves and she gave me all and I’m super grateful for that.”

Mayala is a big personality and he likes to have fun. At practice, he loves to dance and his nickname is rather appropriate. He’s named after the rapper A$AP Ferg, except his teammates call him A$AP Herg. Fellow receiver Josh Huff said it fits.

“It’d just gives him an extra confidence boost and gives him a little more swag on the field.”

And Mayala said he loves the nickname.

“I think I’m going to change my twitter handle to A$AP Herg now that it’s kind of went viral so yeah, I’m excited about it.”

Mayala and the Stampeders wrap up the regular season on Saturday when they travel to Vancouver to face the Lions.