The Stamps take on the Alouettes on Saturday.

CALGARY -- Some of the Calgary Stampeders come from warmer climates and are not used to seeing snow in September but they embraced the cool conditions when they stepped out on the practice field on Monday.

Stampeders' defensive back Jamari Gilbert got a big surprise when he got back from the bye week. Gilbert was in his home state of Texas where it was sweltering hot and he says he wasn’t expecting to see snow when he landed in Calgary.

Gilbert says he's never seen snow before.

“It was like 90 when I left and with the humidity it was like 100. So for me to get on then off the plane and step in snow it was like, wow.”

Gilbert was the only player in shorts on Monday and says he wasn’t about to shy away from the snow or cold.

“Yeah the guys were picking on me but I’m like I’m going to embrace this as much as possible. I never get an opportunity to do this so I’m going to try to take everything in from the CFL.”

And he’s not the only one. International receiver Andres Salgado is from Mexico. He had never seen snow either and says the snowstorm was big news back in Mexico.

“Yeah my parents and my Grandma have asked me please send pictures, please send videos,” he said. “So from the 16th floor apartment filming the street, everything is white. It looks so cool.”

The players wouldn’t have been able to get  on to the practice field on Monday if not for the hard working crews at McMahon. Their day started at 6 am getting all the snow off of the field.

Assistant Stadium Manager Don Phelps says that’s not such a bad thing with the Grey Cup just around the corner.

“We looked at it very positively. Hey it’s a good dry run for Grey Cup because everybody’s worried what we’re going to do come Grey Cup,” Phelps said.  “So we’re going to get all the snow off on time, that’s what we’re going to do.”

The Stamps next game is on Saturday when they’re in Montreal to take on the Alouettes.