Still no date set for Alberta electricity rebates as MLAs sent home early


The spring sitting of the Alberta Legislature wrapped up two weeks earlier than expected Thursday with the NDP continuing to hammer the government on a promise to deliver utility rebates to Albertans.

"The UCP removed the rate cap on electricity and now the bills hitting Albertans' doorsteps are hundreds of dollars higher. The price of natural gas has hit a 30-year high," MLA Kathleen Ganley said.

"Over 13 weeks of sitting in the legislature, obsessing over their leadership, the UCP has yet to do anything about this…Not a single Albertan has gotten a rebate so far and the government still can't give Albertans a straight answer about when they will."

The UCP first announced rebates on natural gas in February and electricity in March.

While Bill 18, the Utility Commodity Rebate Act has now passed, Government House Leader Jason Nixon said the details are still being ironed out.

"My understanding is that you're going to hear more from minister Savage and minister Nally in the coming days on when that will finally take place," Nixon told reporters.

"What I have been briefed on is that Albertans will see this reflected on their bill very shortly," he added, saying that cost of living increases were a top priority for his government.

The UCP has promised a total rebate of $150 per customer, provided their electricity use is under 250-megawatt hours per year.

The province has also said that rebates will kick in if regulated natural gas rates exceed $6.50 per gigajoule between Oct. 1 and March 31, 2023.