A white Rolls Royce Phantom is seen in a handout image provided by White Rock RCMP.

A Rolls Royce Phantom that was stolen from the North Shore early last year has been recovered on the other side of Metro Vancouver – along with hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

Authorities said the pricey automobile was spotted when RCMP officers were conducting a curfew check at a home in White Rock.

"One officer noticed a Rolls Royce Phantom stored in the garage of the residence they were attending," White Rock RCMP said in a news release.

"Based on the rarity of this vehicle, that is valued at approximately $350,000, the officer's follow-up investigation was able to determine that it was likely stolen, without the benefit of seeing a licence plate or a Vehicle Identification Number."

Police determined the vehicle had been stolen during a break-and-enter at a West Vancouver home in February 2020.

When officers executed a search warrant on the White Rock property days before Christmas, they seized the Rolls Royce along with "over 800 rounds of ammunition, of various calibers," the RCMP said.

Authorities have not recommended charges in the case, but said their investigation is ongoing.