Storefront designs of Winnipeg pot shops could soon be under review

The signage and storefront designs of Winnipeg pot shops could soon be under review.

A new motion, put forward by Coun. Ross Eadie and seconded by Coun. Devi Sharma, is calling for the Winnipeg public service to look into “compatible signage and storefront design for cannabis retail stores.”

It also wants the public service to determine the number and geographic distribution of retail cannabis stores that have opened up since October 2020, and find out best practices from other municipalities to prevent the clustering of cannabis stores.

The motion notes that Winnipeg has seen an increase in pot shops over the past year, and that some areas of the city have a number of stores close together.

It adds that the storefronts of these cannabis stores, including the signage and opaque windows, have a negative impact on the aesthetic value of the commercial retail streets.

Winnipeg city council referred the motion to the standing policy committee on property and development, heritage and downtown development.