Two Calgary councillors are proposing a policy change that would allow city administration access to snow-clearing funds without having to wait for council to declare a snow emergency.

Ward 6 Coun. Jeff Davison says he, alongside Ward 1 Coun. Ward Sutherland, plan to submit a proposal to update the city's snow and ice control policy that would eliminate the superfluous step in the process.

"I think the frustration is three weeks later and people are still getting stuck in various parts of the city,” Davison told the media Thursday.

He adds that the policy has not been updated in 10 years.

“It's time for an update to this policy to look at how we can do this better so that we don't have the same situation next time."

Residents of Calgary’s Royal Oak neighbourhood in the northwest say that the snowfall of Dec. 21 and 22 was difficult to deal with.

I would say I saw at least a dozen people on this street getting stuck and people having to go out and help push them out and dig them out,” said Garth Tippe.

He plans to present a Notice of Motion, drafted in partnership with City of Calgary Roads, to the priorities and finance committee on Jan. 12.