Street Machine weekend brings summer vibe back to Lethbridge

It's been two years since the Street Wheelers Car Club held their annual 'Street Machine Weekend' in Lethbridge.

Luckily they were out in full force this weekend according to the club's President, Alex Dewar.

"The cruise on Friday night that we normally do on third ave we were not able to do again this year so it was an uncontrolled cruise that luckily the citizens still chose to participate in which was great," he said.

"The Poker Run on Saturday was a huge success and we are currently at capacity right now for our Show & Shine, at around the 500 car mark."

The Show & Shine took place at the Galt Gardens and vehicles of all makes and models were present.

Dewar, along with other members of the Street Wheelers, were going around judging and handing out prizes.

Prizes were awarded for car types, as well as other categories like paint job, interior and much more.

The event welcomes car owners from across southern Alberta, who look forward to every year and are happy to be back.

"This is my life, you know. I love it. Can't get away from it, I tried to one time, but I couldn't," said Gord Crawford, owner of a 1932 Ford Coup.

It's not just hot rods and classic cars though.

Chayce Mihalicz is the proud owner of a 2004 Subaru WRX Rally car and was excited to bring out after the difficult year everyone just faced.

""It feels like a city again, it feels like normal, we can be out here and actually do things now," he told CTV News.

"It's really just an incredible and basically surreal feeling, so it's good to be out here again."

Not only are the car owners happy to have Street Machine back, so are the residents who've grown accustomed to what's become Lethbridge's biggest event of the year.

"It's just people showing appreciation for all sorts of vehicles and just regular people enjoying the weekend," said car enthusiast, Ivan Straga.

"It's where everybody shows their appreciation for cars."

The Show & Shine also included live music as well as a street market to get some shopping in.

While many of the visitors were taking in the sights, others were just down to enjoy the experience and make some friends along the way.

"My husband comes to look at the cars, I just come to visit with everybody who's looking at the cars," said Heather Tytula.

Street Machine weekend may be over for 2021, but the Street Wheelers Car Club will continue to hold events throughout the summer.

For more information, you can visit their website.