Street Outreach Sudbury winding down

A grassroots organization in Sudbury that started to fill gaps for the vulnerable during the pandemic is shutting down.

Street Outreach Sudbury (SOS) started in September 2020 to distribute clothing and snacks to the homeless and those in need when many services were unavailable. It operated from the downtown market location.

With the reopening of services and organizations, volunteers say they didn't want to duplicate services and add that they deeply appreciate the support of the community that helped them meet the needs of the vulnerable for the past 18 months.

"All of this was made possible by, No. 1, our volunteers. So any one of our volunteers, we had a tonne of volunteers over the last couple of years," said Melissa Poitras Belanger, the founder SOS.

"But partnerships with the city and partnership with Tim Hortons, who was our sponsor throughout this whole thing, and, of course, our community for donating all of the items that were handed out."

SOS the leftover donations of clothing are being distributed to the homeless and the PPE is being given to long-term care facilities across the community.