Strong winds knocked down trees at a campsite near Wakaw. Photo by Rob Westhouse.

A Saskatchewan couple camping over the long weekend were reminded how quickly weather can change.

“There was a small storm cell over top of us. It didn’t look like much at all really, and just when the sun was starting to go down the winds started picking up and we were being sucked into this cell,” said Rob Westhouse from his campsite at the Deep Woods RV Campground near Wakaw.

Westhouse has been living at the campsite to get away from the pandemic. He told CTV Saskatoon on Saturday at around 7:30 p.m., he and his wife were watching the sunset when suddenly strong winds blew in. 

“The wind took down a tree right on top of the shed,” he said. “We are right on a shore of a small lake so we probably get hit with the brunt of the wind more than others.”

Westhouse said he spent Sunday morning cleaning up a handful of trees that were toppled by the storm. He added his weather station clocked the gust of wind at 75 kilometres per hour before taking out his weather station.