City staff has released a new study about the future of a consumption and treatment services site in Cambridge.

The report doesn't name a specific location, but does detail where a site can and can't go.

The planning study recommends that council be allowed to choose any location in Cambridge, including within the downtown cores in Preston, Galt and Hespeler.

But it also gives council a veto option to turn down any option that council doesn't like.

Where to put a CTS site has been a long-standing issue.

In the spring of 2018, Region of Waterloo Public Health suggested downtown Galt as one of its three preferred locations for a site.

But residents and council responded by enacting a temporary by-law preventing any of the city's three downtown areas from getting a site.

Now that the interim bylaw is almost up, once again council must decide where to put the site.

The recommendation laid out in the study says the downtown cores are back in play, but at least one city councillor says they're still off-limits.

"Absolutely, I do think our downtown cores are very precious, once they are gone, they are gone," says Coun. Jan Liggett.

"You don't get those back unless you get a big developer come in and tear everything down and putting up new buildings, but you lose the soul of the community."

Council will officially see the report on the Feb. 11 council meeting at 7 p.m.

It'll also be laid out along with several options on how the city can move forward.