Sudbury author releases new book with message about autism and acceptance

It was a big day for author Adam Mardero as he signed copies of his newly published book called 'Uncommon Sense: An Autistic Journey.' Oct. 2/21 (Alana Everson/CTV News Northern Ontario)

This weekend there was a book signing as part of the Sudbury Art Crawl.

It was a big day for author Adam Mardero. He was signing copies of his newly published book called Uncommon Sense: An Autistic Journey.

"Took me about five or six years to write the book but honestly like this has been a life long dream to be a published author. So it's a little surreal and overwhelming in all the best ways right now and I am loving every minute of today," said Mardero.

Mardero said he was diagnosed at the age of nine and embarked on a lifelong quest for understanding and self-acceptance.

"With my own experience growing up autistic and with ADHD I thought it was an opportunity to tell my own story and maybe help other people realize that they are no so quite alone and that there is merit to being different," said Mardero.

Latitude 46 Publishing, a Sudbury based literary press published the book.

"We love stories like that. We want to be publishing stories from Northern Ontario authors and Adam is born and raised in Sudbury and works in Sudbury and so this is a perfect Northern Ontario voice that we want to be putting out there," said Heather Campbell, the owner and publisher of Latitude 46 Publishing.

Mardero said he values having the book published locally.

"Being published by a local person almost means more to me because it means they understand my story where I am coming from within the setting of it and stuff in a way that a big company in New York wouldn't. You know so it makes all the difference being published by an awesome local team like them," said Mardero.

Previous to becoming a published author, Adam Mardero founded the blog called Differently Wired to educate and advocate forneurodiversity.