Sudbury company aims to change blood testing

A Sudbury medical technology company is hoping to change the way people access and conduct blood testing.

The Sudbury startup is looking to branch out and provide clients with in-home testing.

After seeing his father test his blood sugar at home, a Sudbury man had an idea.

“I was sitting with my father, who has type-2 diabetes, and he was doing a glucometer test. He got his results and wrote it down in a book. And said to me, now I can have a slice of bread?” said Jeff Sutton, founder and president of Verv Technologies.

“My dad got his test at home but if I want to check my cholesterol, I have to go to a doctor.”

Sutton said most tests are done on blood plasma, but his firm developed technology that separates plasma from whole blood.

“It took us some time to figure it out -- it sounds easy but it’s not easy,” said Sutton.

“We thought outside the box. And with a small analyzer, a consumer can take a finger prick of blood, put it into our separation system, into our disposable cartridge and in 15 minutes get results.”

Sutton said the company’s technology can conduct a total blood test like a cholesterol panel, vitamin D and inflammation index.

“Biomarkers to monitor and manage your health, while you’re healthy,” he said.

Sutton said the company is building a prototype analyzer and hopes to have it ready by October.

The cost for the unit is about $400. Sutton said his company has its sights set on the U.S. market.

“Canada has a great healthcare system but it’s highly regulated," he said. "Our market starts in the States with consumers.”

When asked about the accuracy of the results of the in-home testing kit, he replied: “The results are as accurate as your regular hospital laboratory.”