Sudbury group that helps the homeless is growing to offer more services

Evie Ali and Ali Farooq of the Go-Give Project. (Alana Everson/CTV News)

The Go-Give Project in Sudbury is a not for profit registered charity that is helping the vulnerable population.

It was founded in November 2020 as a grassroots effort to feed the homeless and those in need. It has since grown to offer a number of services to people in need when other services are closed.

It's a mobile outreach program that operates seven days a week from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m., and includes the distribution of warm homemade food, naloxone kits, and it operates a needle exchange program in partnership with public health.

"They are graceful enough to provide us with all of our needle exchange program supplies," said Evie Ali, one of the founders of The Go-Give Project.

"That includes all of our clean-injection supplies, inhalation supplies as well as our naloxone. So this allows us to distribute free, clean supplies to our vulnerable community members as they need them, as well as the Naloxone, which is a potentially life-saving drug which is essential in this opioid crisis."

The Go-Give project also operates a 24 hour urgent call response and is totally volunteer based.

"Night after night, you come out and they give you that welcoming feeling that you know that you are wanted, that you are needed," said Ali Farooq, another founder of The Go-Give Project.

"That makes it worth it to overcome all the fatigue and all the stress that it comes with."

The founders said donations are always welcome and more volunteers are needed to cook and help with various aspects of its services. Information can be found on its website.

Ali said all volunteers have to have CPR training and first aid.

"However, we do have a number of healthcare professionals on the team," she said. "We do have a foreign trained physician, a licensed practical nurse, a disability support worker and a mental health and addictions student."

The Go-Give Project currently has 161 registered clients in a wellness check program who are contacted on a daily basis.