Sudbury police say officers found more than $20K in illicit drugs in a vehicle when an allegedly impaired man was found asleep at the wheel.

It happened around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday on Kathleen Street in the Donovan.

"A member of our traffic management unit located an idling vehicle outside of a building on Kathleen Street where the driver of the vehicle appeared to be asleep at the wheel, police said in a news release Thursday morning. "The vehicle appeared to be in drive and the driver appeared to have fallen asleep with his foot on the brake."

Police said the 33-year-old driver showed obvious signs of impairment upon being woken up. He currently is suspended from driving and wasn't able to provide proof of insurance.

During a search, the officer allegedly found a fake gun, smoke grenade, cash, more than 34 grams of crystal meth valued at $3,480, more than 54 grams of cocaine valued at $5,420, and more than 27 grams of fentanyl valued at $10,840. The officer also found several documents that did not belong to the man and that had been reported stolen in 2019.

Back at the police station, a drug recognition expert determined the man was impaired by drugs, leading to an impaired driving charge.

The accused is also charged with having property obtained by crime, not complying with a release order, and drug trafficking.

He was released from custody and is scheduled to appear in court on April 28.