Sudbury police say motorist was driving 100 km/h over the speed limit

Greater Sudbury Police Service patch on officer's uniform. (File)

Greater Sudbury Police said they recently arrested a driver who was travelling more than 100 km/h more than the speed limit, just one of several people charged with stunt driving in just a few days.

"Officers have charged 16 drivers with stunt driving in the past three days," police said in a tweet.

In another incident, a vehicle was pulled over after police said it was travelling at 119 km/h in a 60 km/h zone.

"In July, officers laid 30 stunt driving charges, with 25 of those being motorists travelling in excess of 40 km/h on a road with a speed limit of less than 80 km/h," police said.

"Stunt (driving) laws changed on July 1."

On July 1, Ontario made changes to how fast a driver can go over the speed limit on some roads before it will be considered stunt driving.

The changes, which were made under the Moving Ontarians More Safely Act, means anyone caught driving 40 km/h or more above the speed limit where the maximum is less than 80 km/h will face stunt driving charges.

Before July 1, drivers would have to be busted going more than 50 km/h for it to be considered stunt driving on those roads.

The rules for roads or highways where the speed limit is 80 km/h or higher remains the same.

Drivers caught stunt driving will now also face a tougher penalty. Motorists will face a 30-day roadside driver's licence suspension as well as a 14-day vehicle impoundment. The previous penalty was one week.