Sudbury Rally for Ukraine

Rally for Ukraine

There was a rally in Sudbury Saturday in support of Ukraine.

It centred around mothers and children in the war torn country just ahead of Mother's Day.

Rally organizer Halia Buba says "We are here to send a message to Putin to stop the genocide. The mothers in Ukraine are suffering. They are having to be strong, they are saying goodbye to their sons who are going to war. They are saying goodbye to their husbands, children are losing their fathers."

People taking part received a strong show of support from passersby with many honks and cheers of support.

97 year old Yaroslav Hunka was born in Ukraine and lives in North Bay. He travelled to Sudbury to show his solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

"Destruction is just unbelievable but it will take years and years to rebuild it" he said "But Ukrainian will win and God Bless Ukraine and I pray for it."

Two families from Ukraine arrived in Sudbury this week and are receiving support from several organizations to get settled.