It's been fairly nasty weather in Sudbury for the last few days of the year.

Travellers have had to reschedule their plans as flights were cancelled, highways were treacherous and there was a lot of scraping of windshields.

"This stuff here, the pellets are pretty… hard to clear it out, very heavy… but at least it's not wet," said Karen Lindquist, Sudbury resident.

The storm began Sunday night and dealt the city quite a blow.

"You always have the threat of power outages and that kind of thing, but its good exercise though," continued Lindquist.

Widespread power outages were forecasted. Greater Sudbury Utilities, the City of Greater Sudbury and police took to social media over the weekend asking residents to be prepared.

"We do know that in weather situations like this, conditions are prime for something to happen, so we've been telling people, 'hey get ready it might happen, it might happen.' We also don't want to cry wolf so you know, you just have to go with the flow," commented Wendy Watson, Greater Sudbury Utilities.

Airports across the region saw the delays and cancellations.

In terms of the City's response, it was all hands on deck as crews were called in to treat major roads with salt and sand.

"When you have an ice event like we had this morning and freezing rain and rain… what ends up happening is our roads and sidewalks get very slippery, very quickly. So we have to get people out there and into those areas to help them sand, salt and make them safe for the public," said Randy Halverson, City of Greater Sudbury.

"We haven't had an abnormal increase in the calls for service, so it sounds like everybody is driving according to conditions for those that are out on the roads," said Tim Burtt, Greater Sudbury Police Services.

Police say in weather like this, assess your ability, slow down if you need to and give extra distance for braking.

Their best advice, however, is to stay home.

"There are a lot of people who go out there and treat it as a casual day. They want to go shopping because it's still mid-holidays for them, they want to go see a movie or whatever… maybe this isn't the best day to do it," continued Burtt.

Police add to make sure your vehicle is clear of any ice and snow. Once the precipitation stops, the City is hoping to have roads clear within 24-hours.