Sudbury Rocking Stones curling team bring home Team of the Year award

Special Olympics Ontario hosted the 2021 Provincial Awards Ceremony virtually Tuesday night. Sudbury Rocking Stones curling team won the Team of the Year award.

Paul Logan has been part of the Sudbury Rocking Stones for more than 15 years. He said receiving the award is a big accomplishment.

“It was an honour to win the award and I’m proud of it,” said Logan.

Kenneth Beauvais is another athlete on the team. He said they would not have won the award if it weren’t for the good communication and guidance from coaches.

“It was an honour, we worked hard for years to do this and it was fun finally being shown that we are a good team in Ontario,” said Beauvais.

Assistant coach Louise Logan said she is very proud of the team.

“It’s a really big deal," Logan said. "The athletes are super proud and we are so honoured to be awarded with the Team of the Year award for the whole province for the Special Olympics."

Special Olympics Ontario said there were many reasons why the Rocking Stones won, including team success over the years and staying connected during the pandemic.

Logan said the support for the team has been a big help.

“This is a team that’s super well supported by this community, by this club in particular, the ice maker, the management at Curl Sudbury, and really all of the members,” she said.

“As well, they’ve had a number of fantastic coaches who have competed themselves at the competitive level and really believe that these athletes can perform as well as a great team dynamic. They really help each other out, and communication is really important in our sport.”

The Rocking Stones aren’t the only winners from the north. Julia Romualdi from Timmins won the Athlete of the Year award.