Sudbury’s Keeping Seniors Warm hosts fundraising event

A volunteer group in Sudbury called Keeping Seniors Warm is raising money to keep help ensure seniors have warm clothing for the winter.

The annual event has taken place for the past seven years and now the organizers of Keeping Seniors Warm is hosting a fundraising event called 'Round It Up' at Giant a Tiger on Lasalle Boulevard.

Shoppers have the option of rounding up their bill or making a cash donation. The hope is to raise enough to keep the evening going, because of challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“What we're asking everybody is to help us make our goal that we can cloth 100 people,” said organizer Bev Brisco. “It’s hard to raise money right now -- people are without jobs, small businesses are suffering. We thought this was a really easy way because if you’re rounding up your purchase, it may be only 50 or 60 cents, but you know what? Every dollar counts.”

The owner of Giant Tiger, Richard McKay said even though the event was only scheduled for the weekend, he decided to extend it until Sept. 10.

“Just knowing that it’s going back into the community, that it’s for a great cause, it’s keeping our seniors actually clothed and warm for the winter months,” said McKay.

Brisco said all money raised goes toward purchasing items for seniors in the city.

“Coats, socks, long underwear, boots -- you have no idea how many seniors don’t go out in the wintertime because they don’t have the simple things, and they don’t talk about it," said Brisco. "They don’t tell family, they don’t say anything."

The Keeping Seniors Warm shopping event will be taking place on Nov. 3, and a total of $15,000 needs to be raised.

Organizers said for those who can’t make it into Giant Tiger, donations can be made through their website.