Sudbury’s Warriors biker club BBQs for the homeless

Sudbury’s Elgin Street Mission received some extra help with one of their BBQ dinners Friday: the Warriors Motorcycle Club was on hand serving up meals for people in Sudbury.

Around a dozen club members decided to volunteer their time and grill burgers for the less fortunate. The bikers said helping others is what they do.

“It’s awesome for us. Just being part of the community and doing something for the community that’s what we do as a motorcycle club,” said Alain Gareau, secretary with the club. “We like to see the people eat and have a good time and it’s just big smiles and that’s fulfilling for us right there.”

Pastor Amanda Robichaud with the Elgin Street Mission said recently they saw a record number of 300 people attend dinner. Robichaud said that’s the highest number the centre has seen since it opened 32 years ago.

Feeding reord numbers

“Since coronavirus hit, we’ve been serving about 200 a night," she said. "That is higher than years past of course, but we have hit that record number of 300 people. You see those numbers creeping up.”

"If you’ve been downtown you see Memorial Park, you see a lot of homelessness right now and so we just want to be able to serve them with respect and dignity,” Robichaud added.

One person at the BBQ said the Elgin Street Mission has been a lifesaver when it comes to food.

“They have breakfast, they’ve got lunches," the person said. "And on the weekends they got buffet and on Thursday it’s really nice to have the BBQ. And you can get as much as you want, so I’m really grateful for the Mission and all the volunteers."

The last BBQ of the year will be held Sept. 23.