The warming trend kicks in today as temperatures in the Edmonton region get back to the 10 degree range.
We're off to a frosty start with temperatures in the -2 to -5 range this morning.
But...sunrise is at 7:35 and we'll be under sunny skies all day, which should REALLY make it feel a lot nicer than the past few days.

Lows continue to slip to around zero for the next few mornings.
However, daytime highs keep climbing.  We'll be in the 10 to 15 degree range for Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat.

The pattern looks mostly dry for Central and Northern Alberta today and Wednesday.
NW Alberta might get some showers Thursday evening/Friday.  The next best chance for precip in Edmonton is Friday night.

THEN...The outlook gets REALLY interesting next week.  Still a TON of uncertainty (it's a WEEK AWAY).
BUT, some of the models are pushig temperatures into the mid to upper teens Mon/Tue and then dumping a bunch of snow on Central Alberta Tue night/Wednesday as colder air blasts back in.
The GEM Ensemble keeps the Edmonton area mild & leaves that big swing out.
BUT...that's typically what ensembles do - they "smooth out" those swings.
Bottom line - don't place any money on the long-range forecast.
It'll warm up this week.  Temperatures probably get to the mid teens early in the week.
Beyond Tuesday...we'll see what happens.

Here's the forecast for Edmonton:  

  • Today - Mainly sunny.
  • High:  9
  • Evening - Partly cloudy.
  • 9pm:  5
  • Wednesday - Partly cloudy.
  • Morning Low:  -2
  • Afternoon High:  11
  • Thursday - Partly cloudy.
  • Morning Low:  -1
  • Afternoon High: 11
  • Friday - Mostly cloudy.  30% chance of an evening shower.
  • Morning Low:  2
  • Afternoon High: 12
  • Saturday - Mix of sun & cloud.
  • Morning Low:  2  
  • Afternoon High:  12
  • Sunday - Mainly sunny.
  • Morning Low:  1
  • Afternoon High:  14