Sunnybrook begins removing medical equipment from field hospital

Staff have begun the process of tearing down a major COVID-19 field hospital in Toronto as intensive care admissions related to the disease continue to decline.

On Wednesday, Sunnybrook Hospital confirmed that staff are starting to remove medical supplies and equipment housed inside their Mobile Health Unit.

Officials say the structure itself is scheduled to be deconstructed in early August.

Sunnybrook’s Mobile Health Unit, located in the parking lot of the hospital, accepted its first patient in April as the number of intensive care unit (ICU) admissions with COVID-19 neared the 900 mark.

Recovering patients who had been stabilized were moved to the makeshift facility for treatment and care. At the time, officials anticipated the average stay to be about three to five days.

At the end of May, the hospital said that there were no more COVID-19 patients at the field hospital.

“With a recovering health-care system, there are currently no patients in the Mobile Health Unit at Sunnybrook,” officials said in a website update.

“The facility will be maintained for the foreseeable future and MHU teams will be mobilized should the need arise.”

According to the Ministry of Health, there are 220 COVID-19 patients in Ontario ICUs as of Wednesday.