An Elmira family known for their annual Super Bowl tailgate party, that doubles as a fundraiser, decided to go virtual this year.

Last year, Scott Williard's party raised $16,000 for Grand River Hospital's cancer centre.

For the 10th annual event this year, the usual 200-person gathering in his garage was changed to a small party with immediate family.

Willard figured they wouldn't get as many donations this year, but they still appealed to the public and have pulled in more than $8,700 so far.

"It truly warms our heart," he said. "The outpouring from these people who come year in and year out, they can't be here this year, yet they're still super generous in their donations."

Willard lost his first wife to cancer more than 20 years ago.

This year, he has dedicated the fundraiser to local radio host Jennifer Campbell, who passed away this weekend after a fight with cancer.

"We are dedicating our Super Bowl tailgate today to Jennifer and her family and friends," said Willard. "She was actually supposed to be here today if we had our party.

"She kept in contact with my wife as she was battling the last little while."