Suspicious person reported at Saskatoon schools

Chief Whitecap School in Saskatoon

Saskatoon police are investigating reports of a suspicious person at two schools during recess on Oct. 7 and 8, according to a letter to parents and caregivers.

“Because we value the importance of good communication between school and home, I write to inform you that a suspicious person approached some students at Chief Whitecap School at recess time yesterday and was observed on the school grounds of Chief Whitecap and St Kateri Tekakwitha today at recess time as well,” principal Kent Gauthier said in the note.

“The Saskatoon Police Service has been notified, and they are investigating.”

Gauthier said the situation reinforces two important messages parents and guardians should discuss with their children: do not speak to strangers and report suspicious behavior.

CTV News has asked police for comment.