Taste of space? Science centre launches new ice cream shop with galactic offerings

The Neptune ice cream cone, complete with cotton candy, is available at Astronaut Ice Cream at TELUS Spark. (supplied)

A new cafe in the TELUS Spark Science Centre in northeast Calgary is now serving up planet-inspired soft serve ice cream concoctions.

The Astronaut Ice Cream shop offers 10 different cones inspired by the nine planets of the solar system as well as the recently relegated celestial body of Pluto, the planet that wasn't.

Spark officials say the menu includes a Neptune cone with cotton candy clouds representing the wind on the planet eighth from the sun and a Saturn cone with a donut emulating that planet's telltale ring.

The café is open to the public and, much like the Spark Science Store gift shop, customers do not require TELUS Spark admission.

"It's super important for the science centre to be welcoming to people from all walks of life, all ages, who may not know that they're going to fall in love with science," said Mary Anne Moser, TELUS Spark CEO.

Funding for the ice cream shop was provided by the municipal and provincial levels of government and is the first of several renovations planned for the 10-year-old building.