Teen crime fighters: Delta youth halt burglar trying to break into home

A Delta police cruiser is seen in this undated photo from the department's website. (Delta police)

A Delta teenager and three of his friends are being hailed for halting a burglar who was breaking into the youth's home.

Delta police say the teen interrupted the midday break-in last Monday when he arrived home with his friends and ran inside to get something - then left the house after hearing suspicious noises inside.

Police say a man allegedly left the house, walked toward the youth and his friends, told them he had a gun and threatened them - but the four teens decided to call police and hold him anyway - even though he allegedly bit one of them in the resulting struggle.

Delta police have recommended charges against the man and commend the teens for acting quickly and showing restraint while dealing with the suspect - but police also caution others from taking similar action, noting there's a good chance of getting hurt.