The trial for a man charged with attempted murder in Hanley, Sask. began Monday at Saskatoon’s Court of Queen’s Bench.

Cory Smockum is charged with attempted murder, sexual assault and choking to overcome resistance in relation to an incident on Oct. 13, 2018 — allegedly involving Adrienne Lennie.

Lennie’s mother, Carol Lennie, testified that her daughter and Smockum had dated for about four months. She said the two had attended a quad rally near Hanley on Oct. 13, 2018.

By around 11 p.m., Carol called Smockum worried about where her daughter was.

Smockum said they were “at a buddy’s shop” and not to worry because he was a “man of his honour,” Carol told court.

After urging Smockum to tell her where Lennie was, he hung up, the mother testified.

Carol held back tears, telling the 12-person jury about a phone call she received from Smockum minutes later:

“’Tell your mom you’re dead. Tell her you’re going to end up in a river, like Ashley Morin.’”

Ashley Morin, 31, was last seen July 2018 in North Battleford. RCMP believe she is a victim of homicide, though her body has never been found.

After calling police, Carol testified she drove around looking for Lennie with her other daughter, Ashley Lennie. They eventually spotted her in the back of a police car, parked near the arena in Hanley.

“I couldn’t even recognize my own sister. Her eyes were swollen shut and her lip was cut down to her mid chin,” Ashley testified.

The alleged victim’s sister was working at the Hanley bar the evening of the incident.

She said Lennie and Smockum had come in that evening for drinks and food, and were sitting with another couple.

“They were being loving, caring, having fun,” Ashley testified about her sister and Smockum early in the evening.

The two left and returned later that evening around 10:30 p.m., Ashley said. Smockum’s demeanour changed and he was aggressive, so she stopped serving him.

Smockum became even more aggressive and was accusing Lennie of flirting with other men at the bar, Ashley said.

The two eventually left and Lennie told her sister they were going to Carol’s house, Ashley testified.

When Ashley received a frantic call from her mom unable to find Lennie, Ashley left work and helped search for her sister.

‘Looked like a horror movie’: Ashley Lennie

After they found Lennie in a police cruiser and she was taken by ambulance to Saskatoon, Ashley got the address of the couple her sister and Smockum were sitting with that evening at the bar.

She went to the house in hopes of getting some of her sister’s missing clothes, Ashley testified.

In the garage, she saw a long streak of blood.

“It was so much blood. So much blood. It looked like a horror movie,” she said.

Smockum’s trial is scheduled to continue on Tuesday.