Carseland residents are frustrated that their local post office still hasn't reopened following a Dec. 20 break in.

Residents of Carseland, a hamlet southeast of Calgary, are fed up with having to drive to Strathmore to pick up their mail.

There’s a sign on the door of the local post office saying it’s ‘temporarily closed due to break-in.'

Now that 'temporarily' has stretched to a sixth winter week, residents are asking questions.

“There’s been no word when it's coming back,"  resident Kaylie Dodman told CTV News. "We have to go to Strathmore to get our mail, which can be quite a drive for most of the folks around here.”

A second notice on the door dated December 20th, from Canada Post, reads: "We are working to quickly restore postal service in your community. We will provide further details as soon as they are available."

It isn't just irritated residents that the shutdown is negatively impacting, either.

One nearby Carseland business owner said the closure of the post office was starting to negatively impact his bottom line.

“Used to have everyone pulling up, now they have to go to Strathmore. So why not just get parts in Strathmore, right? For them it’s an inconvenience and for me it’s a big drop in sales,” said Mark Simon, owner of Mark’s Parts.

CTV News reached out to Canada Post for comment but hasn’t heard back.